Charter Boats

We have a limited supply of charter boats available. In addition to the charter fee, the SCIRA Borrowed Boat insurance is required which costs $40 with a $250 damage deposit (check payable to SCIRA USA). You can pay the $40 fee online on the US Class website:

Charter boats will include a 2021 boat decal and a suit of sails. The fees for each available boat will be a function of the age, and condition of the boat and sails.

Charter Boat Process

  1. Contact Henry Filter at / 410-991-9063
  2. Arrange for a specific boat
  3. Purchase the borrowed boat insurance online
  4. At registration, provide a $250 check for the damage deposit
  5. Check the boat out with the regatta representative, noting any existing issues (dings etc)
  6. After the event check the boat in with the regatta representative.
  7. Once checked in, if there is no damage, the check will be returned.

Note on sail numbers: If you choose not to use the supplied sails that match the hull number, you must insure you comply with class rule C.10.3 (b):

To be considered a valid entry: Crews may use the sail number of any hull which dues for the current year have been paid. In the case of a duplicate number, the owner of said number takes preference over the borrower/charterer.    

What this means is if you borrow a suit of sails from someone else, you can not just take off one digit or modify a digit on the sail that does not correspond to a 2021 registered boat.