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Get Psyched for Nationals!

Whether you are attending Snipe Nationals for the Serious Sailing, the Serious Fun, or hopefully BOTH, get PSYCHED for all the great values being added by our gracious sponsors. Thanks to CBYRA, we will have the top professional media coverage from T2Ptv who will provide daily Race Day Highlights, plus a Regatta Wrap Video. If you are a Chesapeake Bay sailor, please join to let them know how much we appreciate their support of Chesapeake Bay one-design sailing! Click the Join/Renew link at And make sure to grab a copy of SnipSheet Magazine or check them out online for media coverage, including the Snipe Fleet ad in the May issue!

Lots of Free Stuff!

Musto Annapolis, Quantum, and Hammer Nutrition have come through with awesome gifts for competitors as part of the registration swag bag – 2 Quantum buffs, 2 Musto hat clips, 2 Musto croakies, and tons of good-for-you products (see more from Hammer below!). Musto will also have a tent at the event selling cool gear on the first day with 15% off for competitors or you can visit their store on Main Street! In addition, the cash sponsorship from our awesome “Snipe Alumni” (see below) has helped us add 2 coozies and 2 free t-shirst (or $20 towards other merchandise). It’s too late to get gear onsite, but check out the special website managed by long-time Snipe sailors Lorie & Alex Stout of StoutGear to order swag shipped to your home.

Great Door Prize Raffles!

Several businesses have donated great items for our raffle on Saturday night. You will get 8 Door Prize tickets with registration plus competitors will be able to earn more tickets during the week. On Saturday Night, you will be able to put your tickets in the bucket for the prizes you want to win on our Pick-Your-Prize Raffle. Here are the great items that will be given away:

  • Local Fawcett Boat Supply has donated 5 $100 gift cards – check them out for any last minute boat parts or gear
  • Hug Me Designs has designed a special “Hug Me I’m a Snipe Sailor” t-shirts for raffle and purchase
  • Geaux Fast Sailing will give away a Snipe Vang as well as sponsoring beers on the water after racing
  • Sea Bags Maine provided 6 cute bags made from upcycled sail cloth
  • Beautiful Vintage Mike McLaughlin wooden Snipe Rudder complements of Snipe Alumni Bob Smith

Serious Fun Hospitality

In addition to the 10 Drink Tickets given to each competitor (20 per boat) to enjoy your choice of beverage from the upstairs bar on the deck, Bread & Butter Kitchen (a great place to order your crew lunch from) will be providing scones & coffee for breakfast the first day of racing (Thursday). Click here for the full and continuously updated Social Schedule, but here are the nights in a nutshell – all at SSA on the deck/Great Room:

  • Wednesday night: Opening Happy Hour on the deck
  • Thursday: SNIPE FAMILY FEUD!!! Street Taco Apps to celebrate Fleet 532’s 60th Birthday
  • Friday: Happy Hour on the Deck w/focaccia sandwiches
  • Saturday: Pick-Your-Prize Raffle; Ice Cream Truck & Pizza
  • Sunday: Awards Ceremony w/Harp music by Flora and cake

Hammer Nutrition endurance fuels will be on the course at Snipe Nationals!

Hammer’s been supplying athletes with natural products free of added sugars, artificial colors, flavors, chemicals, and preservatives for over 30 years. Visit their site to learn how to fuel smart, so come race day, you’re ready to perform at your best!

As we get closer to the event start, Hammer will be sending out a few tips to help you prepare for the big day (or days)! If you’d like to train with the product that will be on course, Hammer’s USA-based nutrition reps are happy to answer your questions and find the perfect product for your needs.

Take a look at how Hammer Nutrition provides you energy, endurance, and recovery with their fuels, supplements, and recovery products here.

Shout Out to our Snipe Alumni

A fantastic group of “Snipe Alumni” has really stepped up to help us provide a regatta to remember. Together, they make the largest donation funding pool for us! Big thanks to Phil Richmond for his contributions and leading the charge. Mark Hasslinger (who is also serving as our SCIRA Rep), Eric Purdon, and DickC Bartlett are a part of this esteemed group as well as Keith Donald who is also providing VIP Spectating from his 37′ Beneteau during the event. If there are any other Snipe Alums who want to join the party, contact Phil Richmond at!

It’s not too late to join the fun! Registration is open online only until June 16th:

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