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Snipe Fleet Earns Bragging Rights in Inaugural SSA Fleet Challenge!

Congrats to Lorie Stout and Lucas Masiello representing the Snipe Fleet for winning the Inaugural SSA Fleet Challenge! Trevor Perkins, nominated by the J22 Fleet with JRP crew Madeline Fisher (Broadneck HS) wore the Yellow Jersey most of the day, but a Corinthian correction of an earlier OCS bumped them down to 3rd for the day. Second Place went to the consistently fast team of Tim Herzog/Lauren Schoene of SSA’s Team Race group. Andrew White/Charlie Bullock (JR Program, Broadneck) and Matt White/Morgan Whittock (Day Sailors) rounded out the Top 5. Thanks to the 9 fleets and 2 programs (Thistles, Lightnings, Lasers, Laser Radials, Day Sailers, V boats, J70s, Snipe, J22s, as well as the JR Program and Team Race group) for coming out to make it a fun day! Thanks also to PRO Gray Cukor, Alex Pline (scoring), Bruce Empey & Greg Urban on Mark Boat and John White and Lisa Pline on pin. Thanks also to Lucas Masiello who gave a FJ 101 Tips & Tricks chalk talk before the Competitors Meeting.

There were SSA spectators along with the odd schooner or two cheered on the competitors who sailed 9 college-style races close in the harbor off the Navy seawall.   The breeze was light and shifty, making it challenging to stay consistent.  Tight starts also resulted in lots of individual recalls to mix it up.  Real-time scoring calculated the leader after every race and that team was given the “Maillot Juene” (yellow jersey) printed for us by StoutGear.  Many of the starts and finishes were live streamed on SSA’s Facebook page.  Videos from on water and awards are still available for viewing pleasure!

Lorie & Lucas were presented with the Yellow Jersey, SSA Crowns & Trident for photo opp and bragging rights until next year!

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