December 2021 Report

[published in eSSAy]

SSA Fleet Championship:  Participating in all 5 local events paid off for 2021’s SSA Snipe Fleet Champions Alex & Lisa Pline, as well as 2nd place Zack Kelchner!  Third through seventh places were only separated by 2 points!  Rob Ramirez/Martin Hermida took 3rd with a 3-way tie just one point back for 4th-6th with Tyler Mowry/Izzy Fadullon, Carter Carmeron/various crews, and Bradley Adam/various crews. Eric Reinke/Alex Damley-Strnad were just one point back in 7th.

Wrapping Up a Great Year:   We held a pizza party on Nov 7th with a quick fleet meeting to share the great results we had in 2021:  37 members who paid fleet dues, 47 SSA members (Associate/Voting, JR Assoc, Student >21, Supporting), 22 boats/skippers that sailed at least one SSA event, 22 Snipes stored at SSA, and 12 SSA skippers that qualified for the SSA Fleet Championship by sailing at least 3 of the 5 local events included in the calculation.  In addition to running a very successful 52-boat Nationals, we also ran our 2 Invitationals, and 3 clinics.  Average participation in SSA events was 11.4 SSA members.  Fleet members also traveled wide to participate in the North Americans, Western Hemispheres, Women’s Worlds in Brazil, Women’s Nationals and the Great Lakes Championships.  Finally, we have 5 new boat owners in the fleet, with 2 boats being owned by women (and another 2 strongly influenced by women – love!

Join us!  We have boats to loan, charter, and lease-to-own, so contact us if you’d like to join the fun!

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