Fleet News, SSA

Snipe Fleetings – December 2019

Happy December, Snipers!

We have a website! www.snipefleetannapolis.com  Thanks to Brian Hetherington and Alex Pline who put together the basic structure 10 years ago, it was easy to update.  Please take a look!  Feel free to email me with comments/suggestions.  This will be the place that will be the repository for:

  • Schedule (currently 2019, will update to 2020 when available)
  • Record of these email posts as news/blog posts
  • A place for prospective members to gain more info
  • Members Only Area (contact me for password) where we will eventually keep a Fleet Contact list and perhaps a Fleet Crew list. Currently, the Fleet Roster is posted.
  • Photos – this ability is somewhat limited, but will be able to have some featured photos in a gallery.

If anyone has wordpress skills they’d like to contribute, I’d be happy to have help keeping this page relevant!

Nationals Meeting Dec 8th, 4:30pm @ SSA.   Thanks to the several of you who’ve reached out to help!  Henry, Lorie, Phil, Chris, Alex…  Please join us even if you can’t take on a large role – we will have lots to do, big jobs and small!  Fleet will provide beverages.  If you can’t make it, but want to help, please shoot me an email!

Winter Schedule:  Another regatta added!  Charter boats are available.  Contact organizers early if you need one!

June Circuit:  Just wanted to update that the local schedule is NOT finalized yet, so Colonial Cup may move to May 30-31.  Stay Tuned!

  • May 30-31 OR June 6-7 Colonial Cup w/ASI trophy (SSA Schedule TBD)
  • June 12-14 Surf City / 3-day Worlds Qualifier
  • June 20-21 Quassy (this will conflict w/SSAs Demo Day)
  • June 25-28 US Nationals @ SSA

Recruiting New Sailors:  Always be thinking about what friends/aquaintences you can get into a Snipe!  We have the Loaner boat for specific events, our new Lease-To-Own boat for an 8-month minimum commitment, and several boats in the fleet that are either for sale or whose owners will loan boats.  More is always Merrier and its more fun to sail with friends!
As always, let me know if you need help or if you’d like to volunteer for either the fleet or SSA!

Happy Holidays!

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