2020 Regatta Schedule and more!

Greetings, Snipers and Happy 2020!

The schedules are now solidified for 2020 and I am very excited that we have the opportunity for lots of great sailing at a variety of events this year! I’ve taken the US and SSA schedules and melded them into a spreadsheet of regattas that I think our fleet would or might be interested in.. The schedule grid and the USA Regatta Map are both on the Annapolis Fleet website:

Highlights on the schedule are the Winter Circuit, the “June Circuit” which “bookends” at SSA with the Colonial Cup June 6-7 and the US Nationals June 25-28. We also have Club Series racing May 9-10, July 18-19, and Aug 1-2. The local season will wrap with the Frigid Digit on Oct 3-4. Note that it is also a big year for Major Events in District 1 – Nationals here, North Americans in Beverly Sept 11-13 (sight of last year’s Nationals), and the Western Hemispheres at Cottage Park 22-26. Also of note, Surf City will be a Worlds Qualifier this year (June 12-14).

Fleet Kick Off Meeting Feb 9th @ SSA! Please plan to attend the fleet kick off meeting Feb 9th 2 4:30 at SSA. The Snack Bar will be open for Frostbiting, so plan to come a little early to grab a bowl of soup and a beverage.

Winter Circuit: Good luck to Evan Hoffman, Kim & Carol, the Plines, and our newest fleet members Flora & Andrew Cole who are heading down for the Rasco. We are also excited that our outreach to the U30s is paying off with Lucas Masciello and Kyle Merganthaler (both ASI alums) planning to sail in an Augie boat. Jessica Bennett is also going down to sail with Trevor Long, an MIT recent grad.

Nationals Planning: details will be sent in a separate post. Monthly planning meetings began in December and will be the second Sundays after Frostbiting. The next meeting is next Sunday (Jan 12th).

Lots of good stuff! Let me know what we can do to get you or any potential Snipers on the water in 2020. Also, let me know what you can do to help the fleet be more fun, more inclusive, and more active!

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