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Annapolis Fleet Clinic May 2020

Fleet 532’s first clinic of the season was a great success! To keep the COVID-induced social distancing, we substituted the typical “on shore” part of the clinic with Zoom videos conducted by Quantum’s George Szabo. We recorded the first video that has some great tips on boathandling and sail trim. Thanks to George for letting us post for future reference!

We had 7 boats out on the water, many new to Snipes and a few more in borrowed boats, on a gorgeous, shifty, puffy spring day on the Chesapeake. We took lots of video off the coach boats operated by Gavin O’Hare and Henry Filter with assist from Christian Filter and Lucas Masiello. Below is a video from one of the starting drills.

Starting drill at May clinic

Clinic participants were Carter Cameron, Sarah Alexander, Evan Hoffman, Marissa Golison, Matt Peter, Lydia McPherson-Shambarger, Tyler Mowry, Shalom Fadullon, Rich & Carol McVeigh, Todd Johnson & new dinghy crew Alana, and Casey Cabot with his dad Ed.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and all the coaches/helpers that made it happen!

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