Celebrating 45 Years of Colonial Cups

The Snipe Colonial Cup is this weekend and is its 45th birthday – I think based on my research. There have been all kinds of iterations of the event from purely local fleet racing to worlds qualifiers to combined regattas to socially distanced-during-a-pandemic style, but the Colonial Cup has always provided top competition in the Snipe. This 40 year old gem from the Annapolis Capital on June 9, 1980 is no different!

Old newspaper image of the 1980 regatta on the water

Sailing by Karina Paape

This weekend the Snipe Class killed two birds with one stone as they held two regattas simultaneously. The Severn Sailing Association hosted both the North Eastern Championship and the Colonial Regatta. Both events were for Snipes which are two person boats. The Colonial Regatta had already been scheduled but the Snipes still needed a place for their championship so they chose the Severn Sailing Association.

Both events had the same races but used separate scoring and awarded separate trophies. The North Eastern Championship was a three-day event, and the Colonial Regatta was two days. The North Easterns started on Friday and had 32 boats racing. These boats were automatically entered in the Colonial Regatta which started on Saturday and had a total of 41 boats participating. Greg and Patty Fisher of Columbus, Ohio won both events.

A variety of sailing conditions prevailed as the weather ranged from high winds and choppy seas to light and shifty breezes. Yesterday’s race was cancelled because the wind was blowing more than 25 knots; the Snipe Class has a rule which sets 25 knots as the maximum wind strength for racing.

Saturday two races were sailed in light wind, 5-10 knots, and were slow compared to Friday’s racing. The first race on Friday was in light and shifty winds and had a lot of waves. By the middle of Friday’s second race the wind had picked up to more than 20 knots. One boat sank and several others dropped out. The boat that sank belonged to Lu Burns of Newport, Rhode Island and was brand new. According to Ike Lawton, race chairman, Burn’s boat sank as the result of a manufacturing defect that allowed water to get into the air tanks. Burns managed to participate in Saturday’s racing however.

The sailors I spoke with were very enthusiastic about the sailing conditions and thought the racing had been fun although wet at times I felt that the sailors who dropped out of Friday’s second race had exercised good common sense as their reasons ranged from not having a self-rescuing boat to not having sails suited to heavy weather sailing to not feeling comfortable in the heavy winds and choppy seas.

1 Greg and Patti Fisher, Columbus, Ohio
2 Terry Tim, Grand Rapids, Michigan
3 Sam Mollet, Ohio
4 Griff Hall, Severn Sailing Association
5 Jonathan Bartlett, Severn Sailing Association

1 Greg and Patti Fisher, Columbus, Ohio
2 Arthur Holt, Jr and Theresa Gomeiplata, Severn Sailing Association
3 Jonathan Bartlett Severn Sailing Association
4 Sam Mollett, Ohio
5 Griff Hall, Severn Sailing Association

Regatta Report from the August 1980 Snipe Bulletin

This report shows more of the finishers.

Colonial Cup Winners over the Years

It is too much to show here, but I have full results back to 1996 in our archives and you can look at the SSA Results Archive for results back to 2003. If anyone can fill in the blanks, let us know in the comments!

2019 Carol Cronin/Kim Couranz
2018 Carol Cronin/Kim Couranz
2017 Ernesto Rodriguez/Kathleen Tocke
2016 Doug Hart/Ryan Hopps
2015 Peter Commette/Bryan Stout
2014 Ernesto Rodrigez/Eddie Mintzias
2013 Peter Commette/Julia Melton
2012 Augie Diaz/Justine O'Connor
2011 Louis Soubie/Diego Lipszyc
2010 Brian Kamilar/Enrique Quintero
2009 John Macrae/Linda Epstein
2008 Ernesto Rodrigez/Megan Place
2007 Ernesto Rodrigez/Megan Place 
2006 Augie Diaz/Lisa Griffith  
2005 Hal Gilreath/James Liebl
2004 Peter Commette/Sheehan Commette
2003 Henry Filter/Lisa Griffith
2002 Augie Diaz/Pam Kelly
2001 Augie Diaz/Brian Janney
2000 Andrew Pimental/Monique Gaylor
1999 Henry Filter/Lori Stout
1998 Lee Griffith/Lisa Griffith
1997 Hal Gilreath/Alex Stout
1996 Hal Gilreath/Alex Stout
1995 Jim Weber/Lisa Pline
1994 Doug Clark/Alex Stout
1993 Ed Adams/Nancy Haberland
1992 Andrew Pimental/Lexi Andrews
1991 Ed Adams/Carol Newman
1988 Ed Adams
1986 Hal Gilreath
1985 Greg Fisher
1984 Ed Adams
1982 Greg Fisher
1981 Griff Hall
1980 Greg/Patti Fisher
1978 Greg Fisher

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