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2021 Still Has Lots of Fun Regattas Left!

With a successful Nationals behind us, it’s time to focus on our fleet again!  TESOD is well underway with turnouts of 4-7 boats on a typical night, we have some local regattas coming up, and we have some new Fleet Members to welcome!


More details about regattas are below, but as we all know, there is value in critical mass and it helps with logistics to know who is planning to do what events. I have brought back the Google Sheet Planner that I’d like you to fill out with your name, crew if known (you can put your name in crew to indicate that you’d like to do it but need a skipper) and events throughout the rest of the year in the columns.

Click here to access and edit the planner

Summer Series July 31-Aug 1

The Summer Series is coming up in a few weeks! We are with the Lightnings and DaySailers (one each day), so I think we will be the “lead” fleet. All that means is that the SSA RC will do what we ask them to as far as courses, etc. Summer Series is a great time to hone your skills or bring new people out. We can even throw in some fun stuff like maybe a Crew Race as the last race of the day? Let me know if you have any outside-the-box ideas you think might be good for us to try. Click here to sign up now – free for SSA members; non-members are welcome ($50)!

Oxford One-Design “Adult Classes” Aug 14-15

This is a super fun, lower key regatta that our fleet has supported in the past. I think it will be even better this year with the Junior Classes moved to a different weekend. This one is important to coordinate who’s coming and when so we can make dinner reservations at Capsize Restaurant, etc. Hotels and AirBnB’s seem to be non-existant, so many of us will drive back & forth to Annapolis, but if anyone has any ideas about places to stay or camping options, let me know.

Briody Memorial Aug 21-22

Described as “two beautiful days of snipe racing on Irondequoit Bay, a bay connected to Lake Ontario with a very reliable thermal breeze,” this could be a great event for us. Google shows it to be 6.5 hours from Annapolis and Boston areas and only 4.5 from Ohio. Camping is allowed on the grounds but there are hotels nearby. Check my previous emails for the information published by the organizers.

Quassapaug Board of Governors (“Summer Quassy”) Aug 28-29

This is the Steak & Lobster event that made Quassy famous. Camping, lake sailing, amusement parke, lots of food, drink, & dancing (Nikki calls it Snipe Camp)! Quassy is well attended by the Boston area sailors as it is a little closer for them, but for us coming from Annapolis area it is 6.5 hours, but you do have to deal with 1-95 traffic, so leaving early is a plus. If you are not into camping, there is a Wyndam closeby. Click here for the NOR.

SSA Fall Series, Annapolis, Sept 4-5

This is Labor Day Weekend, so I would love to get a feel for how many of us will actually be able to sail. If this will not be a good weekend, we need to give SSA a heads up so we can cancel/reschedule. Like Summer Series, this is free for SSA members, $50 for non-members.

North Americans, Beverly MA, Sept 10-12

Jubilee Yacht Club puts on a great event and that part of New England is just beautiful. I know many of us plan to attend. It will be very competitive as it is the last big championship of the year before the Western Hemispheres a few weeks later in Cottage Park. Click here for more info.

Hospice Cup, Annapolis, Sept 18

A great one day regatta in Annapolis and the only charity event we do. Last year we tied with the Harbor 20’s for the largest one design fleet! Click here for NOR.

Frigid Digit, Annapolis, Oct 2-3

Our last Annapolis Invitational! Hopefully we will get the Miami Mafia to make this a stop on their way back to Miami from the Westerns.

1 thought on “2021 Still Has Lots of Fun Regattas Left!”

  1. Hey, guys – great news that the Summer Series seems like it will be well attended! We already have 5 registered, but 10 of you have told me you are sailing! Rumor has it we may even see the inaugural launch of the Team Milliken vessel 🙂 It really helps to register asap so RC knows what to expect.

    Here is the link to register (free for SSA members, $50 for non-members):

    We can help you get a team-mate and so far the Loaner Boat is open for Charter. Let us know what we can do to help you get on the water!

    Best, Lisa

    On Fri, Jul 16, 2021 at 1:31 PM Annapolis Snipe Fleet 532 wrote:

    > Lisa Pline posted: ” With a successful Nationals behind us, it’s time to > focus on our fleet again! TESOD is well underway with turnouts of 4-7 > boats on a typical night, we have some local regattas coming up, and we > have some new Fleet Members to welcome! THE REGATTA PLAN” >

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