US National Championships

Save the Date! June 24-28, 2020 2021 at SSA.

The 2020 Snipe Nationals is “AP over Alpha” – and will not take place this year due to the Coronavirus. We believe the likelihood of being able to hold this sized social gathering at this time will not be possible. We have petitioned the Board and SSA to host at the same time in 2021. We also have petitioned SSA to move the 2020 Colonial Cup from June 7-8 to June 27-28 so that we might have a better “fighting chance” of not having to cancel that regatta as well by having it be a smaller, local-ish regatta. The May 9-10 SSA Club Regatta has already been cancelled. Stay safe and we will see you on the water as soon as we can!

All racing not started is postponed. No more racing today.

Nationals Updates