Halloween Regatta Report

Another Halloween regatta in the books!

Two gorgeous days of lake sailing was icing on the cake to AYC’s legendary hospitality. 20+ boats and shifty, but not wacky 5-leg WL’s. Leads changed hands and were never solid until the horn sounded. Alex Pline was stoked to win this regatta for the first time w/Lisa Pline as crew- a goal 30 years in the making! What was assumed to be a duke out for 2nd between Chris & Lindsey Stang and Don Hackbarth & Connor Milan turned out to be moot with both of them finding out they were OCS – oops! Gene Soltero (whip man) and Keisha Meyers were happy to step in to 2nd with David Muhlhausen & young Lucy Spearman in 3rd. Good to see the Hackbarths (super heroes!), Muhlhausens, Means Davis and Brainard Cooper still going strong!

Results (final)

Spook (championship) Regatta Fleet

Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 23, Scoring system: Appendix A

RankSail NumberSkipperCrew’s NameRegatta FleetYacht ClubR1R2R3TotalNett
1st31313Alex PlineLisa PlineSpook (championship)Severn Sailing Assn1.
2nd30777Gene SolteroKeisha MeyerSpook (championship)Corinthian Sailing Club4.
3rd30323David MuhlhausenLucy SpearmanSpook (championship)AYC6.
4th29369Alex PadgettAllison ChenardSpook (championship)Atlanta Yacht Club5.
5th30942Don HackbarthConnor MilamSpook (championship)AYC2.02.018.0 OCS22.022.0
6th30611Mike CarlsonLeif CarlsonSpook (championship)AYC7.5 RDG8.07.022.522.5
7th24265Clint HodgesErica TrotterSpook (championship)AYC9.
8th30749Christopher StangLindsey StangSpook (championship)Charleston, SC3.05.018.0 OCS26.026.0
9th30262John CoolidgeSarah PiperSpook (championship)Chattanooga7.512.09.028.528.5
10th30385Trey ShippElizabeth ShippSpook (championship)AYC12.
11th29671Tarasa DavisShelby HatcherSpook (championship)AYC11.04.018.0 OCS33.033.0
12th29777David ForquerRush ForquerSpook (championship)AYC13.
13th31259Greg KiblerMarinaSpook (championship)AYC14.
14th30618Ryan SchubertAmanda KremerSpook (championship)Union Sailing Club20.0 RET18.0 RET2.040.040.0
15th27093Woody McLeanAmelia McLeanSpook (championship)AYC16.
16th28044Ian ElliottMichael YatesSpook (championship)AYC10.011.024.0 DNC45.045.0
17th24627Edward Bolles Spook (championship)AYC15.
18th27664Josie SherryEllie SpearmanSpook (championship)AYC18.018.0 RET12.048.048.0
19th26994JiSoo BollesColin SherrySpook (championship)Atlanta Yacht Club17.018.0 RET14.049.049.0
20th28791Larry BullIsabelSpook (championship)AYC24.0 DNC24.0 DNC16.064.064.0
21stTBD3Ernesto Bergeron Spook (championship)AYC24.0 DNC24.0 DNC24.0 DNC72.072.0
21st31591Steve LangAdina ManuSpook (championship)SPYC24.0 DNC24.0 DNC24.0 DNC72.072.0
21st24686Terry DeGanSean DeGanSpook (championship)AYC24.0 DNC24.0 DNC24.0 DNC72.072.0

Goblin Regatta Fleet

Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 6, Scoring system: Appendix A

RankSail NumberSkipperCrew’s NameRegatta FleetYacht ClubR1R2R3TotalNett
1st28628Lauren MershonChris MershonGoblinCarolina Sailing Club1.
2nd26099Andy FinchRobert HoldenGoblinAtlanta Yacht Club3.0 RET2.04.0 DNF9.09.0
3rd25750NamSuny BollesJoy McDonaldGoblinAYC7.0 DNC7.0 DNC2.016.016.0
4thTBD2Dave Fedewa GoblinAtlanta yacht club7.0 DNC7.0 DNC7.0 DNC21.021.0
4th25992Elizabeth DonahueBJ Donahue (Skipper is Ava Moore)GoblinAYC7.0 DNC7.0 DNC7.0 DNC21.021.0
4th26668Amy DurrettMac DurrettGoblinAYC7.0 DNC7.0 DNC7.0 DNC21.021.0

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