Fleet News

Snipe Fleetings – October 2019

Hard to believe the local season is over so early, but it really was a great season and I appreciate everyone’s help making it a stellar year. To build on the momentum, its time to start thinking about what’s next!

HALLOWEEN REGATTA: The Plines and Evan Hoffmann are planning to make the trip to the Halloween Party – I mean regatta lol – at the Atlanta YC. If you had fun in Oxford, this is the fall regatta for you! The members of AYC put you up in their cabins that are on the property of the Club. The club itself is super welcoming and the organizers define Southern Hospitality with non-stop food and drink. Of course, there is a costume party on Saturday night, and don’t be surprised to see some costumes on the water! Rumor has it that the Miami Quad will support this event (if they don’t come to their senses when they return from Worlds). There is an early registration incentive by Oct 11. For more info, go to their website: https://atlantayachtclub.org/halloween If you are interested, or perhaps could be talked into it in a “fly in/fly out” mode, let me know.

WINTER CIRCUIT: The Winter Circuit is shaping up nicely and I hope that you will consider doing some or all of the regattas available. Trust me, there is nothing better for the soul than sailing Snipes in Florida in the winter! If you are interested in working double decks to take down, please let me know so that we can coordinate logistics! The Miami Fleet also has boats available to borrow for Juniors or charter for others. Again, let me know if we can help you get there. Here are the dates:

  • Halloween @ Atlanta YC: Oct 26-27, 2019
  • Rasco @ Coconut Grove SC: Feb 1-2, 2020
  • Don Q @ Coconut Grove SC: Mar 20-22, 2020 (Special this year is Old Man’s 90th Birthday!!!)
  • Boomerang @ Lauderdale YC: TENTATIVE Mar 28-29
  • World Masters @ St Pete YC: May 2-9, 2020

NATIONALS: We did such a great job of running the Masters, that the Class has asked us to run the US Nationals next year! We are considering the request, but wanted to give you all a heads up in case you have thoughts/input. The dates that SSA would prefer would be last weekend in June, but nothing is set in stone. If we did this, we would not try to do the ASI, but would still try to do the Colonial Cup. We would want to work with the other fleets in the District to make a logical “circuit” to enhance all our regattas instead of detracting. This will be a major topic for us at the November Party!

WORLDS IN BRAZIL: Talked to Lexi last night and most of Team USA has arrived safe and sound to Ilhabela – she said it reminds her of Hawaii! She also said that it is very shifty, so following the results should be interesting – especially since we have such a large group of Team USA that we all know! Best of luck to our own Kim and skipper Carol, as well as the rest of Team USA! To follow the results and/or to look at who are in the 85 boats registered, click here: https://theclubspot.com/regatta/BnFpTunkve

As always, if you have any thoughts/suggestions/issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Lisa Pline (click here to email)

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