Best Snipe Colonial Cup Turnout in 25 Years

36 teams from as far as Miami and Hawaii attended the 2022 Snipe Colonial Cup, the highest since 1988 and nineteen teams from the host club Severn Sailing Association. “This is a testament to the work we have done over the last 10 years to grow the fleet” said fleet captain and long time Snipe sailor Lisa Pline. “Also, most of our growth has been in the U30 segment, showing the Snipe is THE place to be for post college sailors looking for a ‘Serious Sailing, Serious Fun’ experience they can continue with despite busy lives.”  Big shout out to Nikki Bruno who stepped up to chair the regatta (her first!) and also to the great sponsors she got for the regatta:  Dunkin’ Donuts who provided coffee, bagels and donuts for breakfast both days, Helly Hansen Annapolis, Princeton College Consulting, and Student Coaching Services for swag bag contents.

The strength of this fleet cannot be understated.  There were multiple current and former College All-Americans (including the winning crew off her A-division win at College Nationals), several national and international Snipe Champions, four teams training for Snipe Worlds in August (two “regular” and two junior), quite a few current college coaches, and of course our most famous former Rolex Yachtsman of the Year, Augie Diaz.  Even with all that talent, the organizers were equally pleased with the number of new Snipe sailors (and even one crew who had never been in a sailboat of any kind!).

As often happens in Annapolis, several days before the regatta the breeze forecast was not spectacular with the imposition of a high pressure pattern over the mid Atlantic region…the kind of day that makes the Annapolis Chamber of Commerce happy, but the Snipe sailors not so much. Fortunately, the predictions were off and we had two great days of sailing with a little bit of everything. Saturday morning was glassy so PRO Mark Bennett postponed ashore for about an hour and a half until the signs of a thermal began to appear followed by a filling easterly that eventually built to around 12 knots and shifting to the south, the quintessential Annapolis summer conditions. Temperatures were perfect in the low 80s, enough to drive the thermal but not enough to be “stinky hot”.

Three of the four planned races were completed on Saturday. Raul Rios and Andrea Riefkohl were the most consistent with a 1,2,2 followed by Arthur Blodgett and Grace Howie and closely by Trevor Davis and Rees Tindall who are training hard for the Junior World Championships in Portugal this year. The placings were very close with multiple sets of boats crossing the finish line in short succession. Keeping the boat moving in the Annapolis “washing machine” is always paramount and despite the breeze clocking right most of the day, you could easily lose 10 boats on smaller oscillating shifts – you know the infamous Stuart Walker “Type 3 Breeze” – because of the high quality and consistency of the competitors.

Once ashore, the SSA Snackbar with new proprietors from Broadneck Grill & Cantina went into high gear serving refreshments. From the number of Margaritas and fresh squeezed Orange Crushes seen at the club, it appears they are a big hit! Following the fantastic drinks was a taco bar upstairs, apres-dinner Harp music from our own Flora Cole and of course the “heartier” of the group headed over to Davis’ Pub afterwards. 

Thanks to the presence of Tropical Storm Alex off the east coast, Sunday morning started out with almost 20 knots from the east. However, we knew at some point the bottom would drop out as the storm took a hard right moving away from the coast. It did in fact happen, but we were able to complete three more races allowing a discard. By the time all was said and done at the end of the day the  breeze was essentially zero. Fortunately, the race committee made the smart call to finish the last race before what would have been a very painful final downwind leg. As is often the case with the northerly breeze direction with ebbing current, those who dove left tended to do very well, although there were some limited opportunities for those taking a risker tack to the right. Arthur and Grace won the last two races but it was not quite enough to get them over Raul and Andrea who were again consistent with top 3 finishes. Augie Diaz and Katie Bornarth were also consistent, ending in third place followed by Trevor and Rees who slipped a position to 4th due to a tough last race. They still did well enough to top Boston sailor Trevor Long with local Shallom Fadullon (5th) for the Top U30 Award.  There were also four Women’s Teams (plus two more women skippers sailing with male crews) vying for the Top Women’s Award, which was won decisively by Carol Cronin/Kim Couranz who were 7th overall.

Next up for the Annapolis Snipe Fleet Invitationals being hosted by Severn Sailing Association are the Women’s Snipe Nationals August 7-8 and the Frigid Digit October 1-2.  Check out for more information.

Full Results:

1Raul RiosAndrea Riefkohl298418111221[3]2
2Arthur BlodgettGrace Howie304731219[7]15411
3Augie DiazKatie Bornarth302881928[9]61273
4Trevor DavisRees Tindall29940263853792[12]
5Trevor LongShallom Fadullon3032431454[14]11547
6Robert RamirezKate Sheahan Herron3163834618[27]46115
7Carol CroninKim Couranz31295385610593[18]11
8Evan HoffmannShira Golub306874457127[13]7810
9Ivan ShestopalovLexi Pline3029945681113885[23]
10Andre GuaragnaLogan Brickhouse300235071[21]41010917
11Christian FilterKimmie Leonard30552508713814[OCS – 37]69
12Carter CameronBryan Stout3033751702183[19]1315
13Bradley AdamAndrew Vernon2904452693126[17]1516
14Gavin O’HareHolly OHare306295683615[27]11204
15Lee GriffithNikki Bruno313048010517172020[25]6
16Tyler MowryMatt Orgill3030280117162217[OCS – 37]178
17Tarasa DavisRyan Barone29671801091511[29]132714
18Eric ReinkeAlex Dailey-Strnad313578111014[29]22141219
19Alex PlineLisa Pline31313831071920[24]211013
20Brady StaggChase Cooper3019584108[24]916221918
21Brad MillikenMarissa Milliken309288611220[26]15151422
22Sarah AlexanderHollis Barth3163593124[31]1621161624
23Esteban ForrerGrace Benzal29147105132[27]1918242420
24Grant GarciaAmy Johnson2868611114426[33]19122628
25Chris RyanJill Bennett30301116146[30]2128182227
26Lorie StoutSunny Sturmer29682118148222323[30]2921
27Travis TuckerCharlotte Carroll30861191502324[31]232326
28Chris KienerPeter Lobaugh3144912415625[32]25282125
29Cole AmaralSean Trudell12951251593225122531[34]
30Zack KelchnerMegan Place29782128165181026[DNC – 37]DNC – 37DNC – 37
31Devon FeusahrensLauren Feusahrens308601451792831[34]263030
32Walter GnannHunter aka “The Tall Guy” Smith26280147181[34]3030272832
33Charles GreenMindy Michaels30743159195[36]3533293329
34Flora ColeAndrew Cole28142163200292832[DNC – 37]DNC – 37DNC – 37
35Rich McVeighCarol McVeigh3106116620335[OCS – 37]35313233
36Mark FuhrmannLeAnn Myhre27734168205333436[DNC – 37]3431

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