2019 US Masters Champs; Frigid Digit a Big Success!

The 2019 US Masters & Frigid Digit wrapped as a big success! Augie Diaz/Lexi Pline sailed consistently fast to maintain the lead all three days of the Masters. Jim Bowers/Julia Rabin squeaked in over Peter & Connie the last day to win the tie-breaker for second. The Commettes took third, followed by Gavin & Holly O’Hare and Henry Filter/Sandy Westphal.

Augie/Lexi and Jim/Julia were also 1st & 2nd in the Frigid Digit, but Gavin & Holly had a great day Saturday to move up in the FD scoring to take 3rd. Evan Hoffmann/Shira Golub were 4th and Peter & Connie rounded out the top 5. (Scoring note/explanation: 8 races were sailed in total. 2 Masters Only races Friday, 2 Combined Masters/FD races Saturday + 2 FD only, and 2 Combined Masters/FD races Sunday)

In the Masters Divisions, Jim/Julia were the top Apprentice Masters, Carol Cronin/Kim Couranz were top Masters, Augie/Lexi were top Grand Masters and Lanny Coon/Gus Wirth (with a combined age of 142!!!).

Thanks again to all the Sponsors who stepped up to help us pay the bar tab and to all the Fleet 532 volunteers who helped make it all happen. It takes a village to run a successful Snipe regatta! Finally, thanks to all the competitors who made the effort to come to the regatta, with folks traveling from California, Florida, Ohio, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and even an international traveler from Canada

2019 Snipe US Masters Championships Series Standing – 6 races scored

130288Augie Diaz/Lexi PlineCoconut Grove Sailing ClubGrand Master12[4]1116.001
231171Jim Bowers/Julia RabinWinchester Boat ClubApprentice Master[7]1154516.002
331442Peter Commette/Connie CommetteLauderdale Yacht ClubGrand Master23236[13]16.003
430629Gavin OHare/Holly Ohare Erica SeamonEastport Yacht ClubApprentice Master6632[13]1128.004
530195Henry Filter/Sandy WestphalSevern Sailing AssociationMaster[10]101062230.005
631295Carol Cronin/Kim CouranzSevern Sailing AssociationMaster575113[12]31.006
731313Alex Pline/Lisa PlineSevern Sailing AssociationMaster41567[17]436.007
830301Chris Ryan/Jill BennettSevern Sailing AssociationApprentice Master124148[15]341.008
929702Lanny Coon/Gus WirthMission Bay Yatch ClubSuper Grand Master15[16]848843.009
1031304Lee Griffith/Nikki BrunoSurf City Yacht ClubMaster1151397[15]45.0010
1129499Art Rousmaniere/Jennifer RousmaniereWinchester Boat ClubMaster88[12]1091045.0011
1229968Jno Disch/Karen Disch Apprentice Master31115[21/OCS]11747.0012
1328142Bryan Fishback/Lorie StoutSevern Sailing AssociationMaster997[21/OCS]101449.0013
1429572Charlie Bustamante/Michele Bustamante Master18129[21/OCS]5650.0014
1530299Steve Callison/Martha GodfreyHoover Sailing ClubMaster[17]13111214959.0015
1631325Chris Hains/Leo ArsenaultGuelph Community Boating ClubGrand Master1414161312[17]69.0016
1729964Robert Panza/Adina ManuQuassapaug Yacht ClubGrand Master161817[21/OCS]161683.0017
1830390Howard Miller/Keisha MeyerCowan Lake Sailing AssociationApprentice Master131718[21/OCS]181884.0018
1930904Ben Shaevitz/LeAnn MyhreMoraine Sailing ClubMaster[19]191914191990.0019
2031391Brett Davis/Christina PerssonSevern Sailing AssociationApprentice Master[21/DNC]21/DNC21/DNC21/DNC21/DNC21/DNC105.0020

2019 Snipe Frigid Digit Series Standing – 6 races scored

130288Augie Diaz/Lexi PlineCoconut Grove Sailing Club[5]151119.001
231171Jim Bowers/Julia RabinWinchester Boat Club2[6]425518.002
330629Gavin OHare/Holly Ohare Erica SeamonEastport Yacht Club4213[15]1222.003
429966Evan Hoffmann/Marissa GolisonSan Diego Yacht Club1[14]3441325.004
531442Peter Commette/Connie CommetteLauderdale Yacht Club33298[15]25.005
630195Henry Filter/Sandy WestphalSevern Sailing Association13810[14]2235.006
731313Alex Pline/Lisa PlineSevern Sailing Association89136[20]440.007
831295Carol Cronin/Kim CouranzSevern Sailing Association6136133[14]41.008
929782Zachery Kelchner/Shalom FadullonSevern Sailing Association741211[17]1044.009
1029704Lanny Coon/Gus WirthMission Bay Yatch Club10514[26/OCS]10847.0010
1129781Charlie Bess/Sharon JohnsonLYC Junior Sailing1279156[17]49.0011
1229572Charlie Bustamante/Michele Bustamante 11[26/OCS]15107649.0012
1328142Bryan Fishback/Lorie StoutSevern Sailing Association9[26/OCS]85121650.0013
1431304Lee Griffith/Nikki BrunoSurf City Yacht Club1611789[18]51.0014
1530301Chris Ryan/Jill BennettSevern Sailing Association1710177[18]354.0015
1631280Art Rousmaniere/Jennifer RousmaniereWinchester Boat Club151211[19]111160.0016
1730299Steve Callison/Martha GodfreyHoover Sailing Club1415[16]1216966.0017
1829968Jno Disch/Karen Disch 18[26/OCS]191613773.0018
1931325Chris Hains/Leo ArsenaultGuelph Community Boating Club1916[21]20142089.0019
2029964Robert Panza/Adina ManuQuassapaug Yacht Club20[26/OCS]2017191995.0020
2130390Howard Miller/Keisha MeyerCowan Lake Sailing Association21[26/OCS]1818212199.0021
2225810Ben Shaevitz/LeAnn MyhreMoraine Sailing Club[23]1722212323106.0022
2326109Chris Adriance/Kristin MullinsSevern Sailing Association22[26/DNC]26/DNC26/DNC2222118.0023
24T27734Mark Fuhrmann [26/DNC]26/DNC26/DNC26/DNC26/DNC26/DNC130.00T24T
24T31391Brett Davis/Christina PerssonSevern Sailing Association[26/DNC]26/DNC26/DNC26/DNC26/DNC26/DNC130.00T24T

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